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Lucart brand now available in Malta; the evolution of traditional toilet systems.

There may be no medal ceremony, TV highlights or trending on Twitter about their performance at the 2012 Olympic Games.

This week Ecolab was named to the Dow Jones Sustainability (DJSI) World Index, a list of the world’s leading sustainability companies.

Professional cleaning is now more green with our recycled plastic products certified “Plastic Second Life”

Ecolab have recieved yet another prestigious certification for their extensive dedication to the healthcare and hospitality industries.

Filmop are a leading company in the professional cleaning industry, and have been designing and producing their products for more than thirty years. Today Filmop exports to more than eighty countries worldwide.

Lotus Professional, the leading European brand for away-from-home tissue products and dispensing systems, had partnered up with Hotelline Ltd in Malta.

Established in 1995, with the primary intention to serve the Institutional and Hospitality industries, today Hotelline marks its next venture.