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Hotel Line Limited was established back in 1995, primarily to offer quality hygiene products and services to the Institutional and Hospitality Industry. We have introduced in Malta the leading International Chemical brand Ecolab offering innovative products with huge technologically advanced products and systems and backed by huge resources in Research and Design.

Throughout the years we ventured on the same principles representing other international brands that differentiate by offering the best products on the market.

"We will not put any product on the market that does not meet the stringent quality European and International standards in this line of business, quality is the name of the game. We kept on growing simply because we not only offer ‘any product’ but because we pursue a differentiated market strategy of quality goods backed by premium service"

The year 2004 was another milestone in our company’s history, representing another global and International player in the hygiene and paper industry, Georgia Pacific – Lotus Professional, GP is the world’s largest paper producer for the away from home market. This has strengthened our position in the hygiene market offering superior paper dispensing systems.

Whatever the business, we will continue with our obligation towards our clients to maintain the highest standards of quality systems and service that is backed by a professional team of motivated personnel.

Our goals to be the leaders in this line of business have been so far achieved and strengthened throughout these years and we thank our foreign partners and esteemed clients for their support.

The Managing Director – Hotel Line Ltd.