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Stovil Power
Ref. Number: 1120

Alkaline Detergent for Industrial Dishwashers. Stovil Power is a sanitizing system with automatic dosage as follows: 

Cleaner: Excellent degreasing of starch, fat and other oils.
Sequestering: it prevents the formation of zones and limescale on the dishes and the machine. 
Shining Steel: leaves dishes shiny without streaks and water stains.
Active Protection: prevents corrosion of glasses.

Application: for mid-water and sweet water hardness (15 ° F to 35 ° F). 
Dosage: 1-3 g / l according to water hardness.

Download the MSDS Data sheet here

Code: 1120
Packaging: 2 x 6ltr
EAN: 8032680391613
Category: Kitchen