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Ecolab's European webinar series has covered several public health issues including Influenza, Norovirus and Washroom Cleanliness. During these webinars our experts have discussed how infections get transmitted and how you can help to minimise infectious disease risk within your own operation.

Lucart brand now available in Malta; the evolution of traditional toilet systems.

Lucart brand now available in Malta; the evolution of traditional toilet systems.

There may be no medal ceremony, TV highlights or trending on Twitter about their performance at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Hotelline Represents Lotus Professional in Malta

Lotus Professional, the leading European brand for away-from-home tissue products and dispensing systems, has partnered up with Hotelline Ltd in Malta, providing a new standard or hygiene products on the island.

Lotus Professional, today a household name is a manufacturer of integrated paper products and hygienic dispensing products for bathrooms and hygiene facilities. Ideal for all professional environments, Hotelline provides the Lotus Professional product range to all sectors, from hospitality and healthcare, to businesses and offices, fitness centres, and food production centres. 

The Lotus Professional brand manufactures everything from automated hand towel and soap dispensers to premium quality paper products, distributing these all across the world. SmartOne®, Reflex®, and JustOne® are available in Malta, and are immensely successful due to their durability, low-maintenance requirements and above all, their ‘no-touch’ designs.

Hotelline have been representing Lotus Professional in Malta since 2003, and continue to build their business relationships based on strong customer bonds and values of ultimate hygiene and health and safety in the professional environment.

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