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Emotion Trolley
Ref. Number: SE0300020AQ00

Emotion 0300020 trolley composed of a long base with rubber wheels ø 125 mm and bumpers ø 200 mm, 2 vertical frames, 2 side
walls, one left door, one right door with locking system, one fixed smooth big shelf on the top, 2 closing profiles with grip, one
removable big shelf inside and 2 multipurpose trays


Service trolley for the carry of the clean towels and linens and collection of the dirty ones in hotels and communities


* Trolley with an elegant, nice and pleasant to the eye design
* Upon request, the side walls and the doors can be customized with images, special designs, pictures or brands, transforming, in a
very completely original way, a simple service trolley into an advertising vehicle or into a trolley perfectly fitting the environment where
it is used
* It is handy, strong, extremely modular and easy to clean
* It is made of high quality polypropylene materials and therefore recyclable
* The base is equipped also with an additional wheel in the middle to be much stronger in case of a fully and heavy loaded trolley.
* The closing doors grant a maximum hygiene and security keeping, at the same time, a clean and tidy look to the trolley itself ,
they have a completely smooth surface and they are equipped with a key locking system with double lock and a functional key
compartment. They have a 270° opening for a better and simpler use during cleaning operations.
* Strong shelves with smooth surface for an easy cleaning and with slide out limiter for the highest security
* Handy and ergonomic push-grip with a hollow space where to hold any cleaning tool at the end of the working operations.
* Removable multipurpose trays as storage for pens, keys, depliants...
* Possibility to add shelves and/or plastic drawers 10-22 ltrs and 40 ltrs with and without lock
* Thanks to the several available components, Emotion trolley can be fully accessoried and, consequently, it is ideal for any cleaning
need: not only for the change of dirty-clean linen, but also for room and bathroom cleaning, for waste collection and mini-bar refilling.

Code: SE0300020AQ00
Category: Cleaning Products