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Ammorbidente Muschio Bianco
Ref. Number: 2060

Concentrated Softener. Ammorbidente Muschio Bianco is ideal in the washing machine or for hand-washing, and makes the laundry soft, clean and pleasant to the touch. Its formula is enriched with moisturizing agents and antinfeltrenti to protect the fibers and facilitate the ironing. The antibacterial action ensures a hygienic was, and is pleasantly scented fresh scent with Iris Blue or White Musk.

Application: All linen, white and colored. 
Dosage: hand and machine 5-8 g = 6-10 ml per kg of dry laundry. approx. 1 cap for 5 kg of laundry.


Code: 2060
Packaging: 2 x 5kg
EAN: 8032680391118
Category: Laundry