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Igienikal Bagno
Ref. Number: 1930

Scented Detergent Descaler. Formulated to remove dirt, limescale and water marks from all surfaces due to the presence of Quaternary Ammonium Salts. It leaves surfaces shiny and does not affect the ceramics.

Application: sinks, showers, taps, sanitary ware, tiles, steel, stainless steel, chrome, ceramic, etc.. 

Dosage: ready to use for sinks, faucets and showers. For floors, dilute 1% -2% or 1 to 2 caps per 5 litres of water.

Download the MSDS Data sheet here

Code: 1930
Packaging: 12 x 750ml
EAN: 8032680391521
Category: Housekeeping


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